Sunday, February 24, 2013


 It is said that there are many names of the wind in Japanese. We will see some in it.

Suikahakuryu(吹花擘柳)The spring wind which rustles so that a flower may be blown quietly, and may be made to open and the bud of a willow may be cloven and divided.

Seimeihu(清明風)The wind whose wind also increases brightness bordering on the vernal equinox and which is blown from southeast.

Tojinbo(東尋坊)The storm from the west at the time of the eighty-eighth day in Hokuriku District. Although Tojinbo is a name of the cliff where Tojinbo who belonged to the Hiraizumi temple was killed, it will be called the wind of a curse of the revengeful ghost of the Tojinbo. How strong wind is it?

Doyouai(土用間)The cool north wind blown during the dog days of summer.

Maayu(まあゆ)An easterly north wind.

Aogetanarai(青げたならい)The northeasterly wind strongly blown in the fine autumn day in Izu-Oshima or Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shusei(秋声)The wind of autumn in which has sound from which leaves whirl and fall.

Oshianaji(おしあなじ)The wind from the south in winter.
Wakasa(若狭)A wind rough in the Sea of Japan side of from the Hokuriku to northeast in autumn.

Kamiwatashi(神渡し)The west wind blows in October.

Newata(嶺渡)The wind crossed to the high peak from the high peak.

Shoutou(松涛)The wind which sounds and blows pine trees.
Baihu(梅風)The wind which can move aside in the scent of the flower of a plum. The flower of the plum is called flower which tells spring.

Aotakaze(青田風)The wind which blows above the paddy field in vivid green.

Yunagi(夕凪)When a sea breeze and a land breeze cross near the seashore in the evening, it becomes calm for a while. ( The phenomenon in which a wind drops off in order that a land and sea breeze may interchange in the evening. ) It is often seen on the Setonaikai coast.

Onami(大南)The south wind which blows violently in summer.

Natsuhayate(夏疾風)The forcible wind blows dazzlingly summery.
Kogarashi(木枯し)The cold wind which is blown in early winter and which fails to blow leaves and it carries out like a dead tree. The first Kogarashi will be come around November.

Kazahana(風花)The wind which can dance snow about like a flower on the day of winter which cleared up blue uniquely.

 How many names were there you know in this? A "Kogarashi" is comparatively famous. Although it was not able to finish writing here, there are other names of many winds. Please search more. I think that Japanese fun is transmitted.

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